• Review
    Volvo-FH - Reveiw CV Driver Magazine
    Published November 2019

    Volvo FH An Efficient Use of Power

    Engine upgrades and innovative solutions help make Volvo’s FH more appealing.   Volvo’s I-Save package is designed to cut the cost of long-haul operations by tapping in…

  • Review
    MAN TGS and TGX
    Published October 2019

    MAN goes on a diet for better fuel economy

    New engines on offer plus a string of new aids to make the driver’s job a little bit easier. MAN has updated its range of power plants as the industry moves into Euro 6D emissions regu…

  • Review
    Published July 2019


    CV Driver heads to Spain to see the launch of Iveco’s new S-WAY heavy truck range. …

  • Review
    Commercial Vehicle Driver MagazineJune 2019 Cam in the mirror Mercades Benz Actros Review Main Image
    Published June 2019


    The all-singing, all-dancing, tech-laden Mercedes-Benz Actros has arrived! The question is now whether or not it’ll live up to the hype. Mercedes-Benz took the wraps off its mirrorless,…

  • Review
    Trails over Tarmac
    Published April 2019

    Trails over Tarmac

    They may not be a common sight on many operator fleets, but the Mercedes-Benz Unimog and Zetros models play an important role. Pip Dunn finds out just how capable they really are Unimogs …

  • Review
    Champagne Super Loader - IVECO Stralis X‑Way
    Published February 2019

    Champagne Super Loader – IVECO Stralis X‑Way

    To compete in the mixer market, Iveco introduced the new slimline stralis X‑Way designed for smooth handling while delivering maximum payload. Kevin Swallow gets behind the wheel to weigh …

  • Review
    IVECO Stralis NP 460
    Published November 2018

    IVECO Stralis NP 460 – A pan-European excursion

    A Natural Choice A pan-European excursion is the perfect opportunity to find out how alternative fuels stack up against the conventional option of diesel. Dean Bar…

  • Review
    Scania’s new S650
    Published October 2018

    Practise makes perfect – Scania’s new S650 on the road

    Scania’s new S650 To get the most from a truck fitted with an automated manual transmission you need the added extras to increase and maintain performance. Kevin swallow took Sca…

  • Review
    MAN's EfficientCruise
    Published September 2018

    Want to save some cash? Predictive Cruise Control

    EfficientCruise Launched with little fanfare MAN’s version of predictive cruise control – efficient cruise – was said to save operators up to 9% on f…

  • Review
    Renault Range T High
    Published July 2018

    New Renault has come to say high!

    Behind the wheel of the French manufacturer’s Range T High. The new model promises much, but is it a ‘oui’ or ‘non’ from Pip…

  • Review
    Published June 2018

    Low Rider

    Scania has unveiled its urban truck range of vehicles, with the focus firmly on improving safety for vulnerable road users and moving towards greener fuels. At the end of 2017 Scania intr…

  • Review
    The Race - in the all new DAF LF City
    Published April 2018

    The Race – in the all new DAF LF City

    Five nations, two ferry crossings and 620 miles. CV Driver Magazine takes it all on in an exclusive drive in the all new DAF LF City, with a very special load on board …

  • Review
    Scania's new XT models
    Published April 2018

    Cold Comfort – see how Scania’s new XT models manage in the land of ice and snow

    Scania's new XT models CV Driver has been to a frozen Norway to see how Scanias, including the new XT models, manage in the land of ice and snow. Join Ian Norwell as he put on h…

  • Review
    Mercedes-Benz Actros1
    Published March 2018

    Mercedes-Benz Actros1 – You’re the ‘1’ that I want

    In an exclusive first drive of the special edition Mercedes-Benz Actros1, Matthew Eisennegger finds out what drivers can expect. With just 100 Actros1 units being produced by Mercedes-Ben…

  • Review
    Mercedes-Benz Arocs - Tough as Nails - there are 14 different cabs
    Published January 2018

    Mercedes-Benz Arocs – Tough as Nails

    Mercedes-Benz Arocs Mercedes has been in the tipper truck business since 1897 when it turned out its first five-tonner. Tucked away in a museum now, that horse-drawn cart with a re…

  • Review
    Iveco Stralis NP460
    Published December 2017

    All gassed up and ready to go!

    Iveco has been plugging away at the gas truck market for a while – and it looks like it might be starting to pay off. Ian Norwell reports from Ulm, on the new Stralis NP460, and the launch…

  • Review
    Scania S Series
    Published November 2017


    Scania drivers do have a reputation of being fiercely loyal to the brand, brooking no criticism. Their new generation’s S series can only reinforce that. Our first on-highway drive in the …

  • Review
    scania heavy tractor
    Published October 2017

    Scania On Steroids

    Ian Norwell reports Scania launched its new heavy tractor range last year, and made a good job of it too. You’ll be seeing them on the road by now. Now comes their narro…

  • Review
    Iveco extends DriveAway ‘readybodied’ range to tackle new markets
    Published September 2017

    Iveco extends DriveAway ‘ready-bodied’ range to tackle new markets

    Fleets can now access the widest ever range of ready-bodied Iveco trucks, following investment of £11.5 million in growing the DriveAway line-up beyond the traditional 3.5- and 7.5-tonne mo…

  • Review
    Autonomous trucks
    Published July 2017

    Autonomous trucks could change the way Britain’s drivers work

    Although we're still a way off fully autonomous vehicles, the growth of this technology is already making strides, with many more developments expected throughout the next decade The…

  • Review
    DAF XF
    Published June 2017

    Meet DAF’s new dazzlers!

    DAF unveiled the new range of CF and XF trucks at the CV Show in April. They may look similar cosmetically to the current Euro 6 range, but the new models are completely different under the …

  • Review
    Cooking on Gas
    Published May 2017

    Cooking on Gas!

    You’ll have no doubt spotted the demonisation of diesel that the ill-informed tabloids have embarked upon. Well, most of the truck makers are already looking for alternatives and we’ve h…

  • Review
    Commercial vehicle sat-nav system
    Published April 2017

    It’s essential to use a proper commercial vehicle sat-nav system

    Too many truckers are still making do with devices made for cars – and they could well end up paying the price. We test the Truckmate S6800 Most of us will have seen and read the recent…

  • Review
    Tipping the Scales
    Published March 2017


    The term ‘lightweight’ isn’t usually much of a compliment, but if you get paid for every kilo you shift, like the sand and gravel men, it takes on a new meaning. Ian Norwell reports fr…

  • Review
    Published October 2016

    Scania delivers

    Of all the new products launched by the truck manufacturers in recent times it was Scania that was most keenly anticipated. It did not disappoint. Sleek is the best way to describe the al…

  • Review
    Renault Range D
    Published August 2016

    Pucker pallet picker

    Renault claims its Range D chassis has been extensively tested under extreme load conditions to ensure its toughness and longevity. The cab is reinforced using components and materials known…