Vision Techniques develop revolutionary night Vision Technology

Market leaders in vehicle safety systems Vision Techniques are set to revolutionise camera technology with their new VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 Ultra high- performance camera.

The VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 Ultra high-performance camera uses advanced technology to introduce one of the best performing night vision cameras to the commercial vehicle market. Specifically developed for demanding environments, this new advancement offers unbeatable day time HD clarity with the addition of unprecedented night vision capabilities that allows the camera to capture clear, high resolution, coloured images in areas where there is little or absolutely no light.

This big leap forward utilises state of the art lens performance an advanced sensor to guarantee exceptional night vision with improved HD resolution, even in pitch black conditions, Unlike IR cameras which depend on the IR light reflection to produce images, VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 Ultra high- performance camera technology makes use of a number of natural light sources from other objects, giving drivers and operators not only a clear, colour view, but also allows them to see further into the distance for a greater understanding of their surroundings,

James Newhill Sales Director at Vision Techniques tells us about the company’s new innovation “ This is an exciting technological advancement in the industry, the system provides drivers and operators with a state of the art visual aid to enhance their safety even in the darkest of conditions”

VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 Ultra high- performance cameras will be available across the whole of Vision Techniques range of cameras and can be used in all required camera scenarios, such as forward facing, rear and side positioning. meaning that you can have this technology working all around your vehicles to give optimum performance.

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