TruTac rolls out new vehicle profile feature for improved asset control

TruTac, part of the Microlise Group and a leader in compliance and logistics software systems, has introduced a new feature to streamline vehicle records and audit data, whilst removing paper and manual duplication.

Aptly named, ‘Vehicle Profile’ and available within TruTac’s existing compliance software products – TruAnalysis, TruFleet and TruChecks – the new feature centralises day-to-day vehicle data, simplifies asset management and has a direct link to DVLA’s vehicle data API.

For maximum benefit and full data flow, the company recommend utilising the Vehicle Profile feature within all 3 products. TruTac’s Managing Director Jemma James is a champion of this latest development:

“The Vehicle Profile feature, as with all our product enhancements, has been developed in cooperation with the commercial transport industry and is designed not only to ensure faster and more efficient data but also to make fleet management easier.”

With the ability to digitally record and audit greater amounts of data than conventional manual systems, TruTac says Vehicle Profile also speeds up fleet administration tasks while helping to eliminate human error and potential compliance issues. The new integral feature replaces TruTac’s previous ‘Edit Vehicle’ function.

With an innovative user interface and clear on-screen data displays, managers can quickly access comprehensive vehicle details. The feature automatically links to the DVLA database API and pulls back full data, including vehicle reg, type of vehicle, manufacturer, model, TAX and MOT status.

Additional information such as tachograph calibration details can be auto populated through VU data and operators can even add a vehicle image.

Also, says TruTac, Vehicle Profile is a natural addition to TruFleet – all vehicle data can be displayed in one place; including brakes, tyres, maintenance dates, defects, inspections and the last 12 months ODO history.

“It’s a great new feature” adds Jemma James “demonstrating our commitment to continually investing in products and harnessing the latest technologies, such as API’s from DVLA, to provide a secure, integrated experience. We strive to help transport operators work better and smarter by ensuring our products always play a central role in vehicle and asset control. The Vehicle Profile feature ticks all the boxes and provides key data to manage fleets effectively. Moreover, Vehicle Profile represents the first major step towards our exciting, new products planned for 2023 – watch this space!”