Renault ready for the future

Renault Trucks eco friendly R&D centre in St Priest, Lyon, France

Construction of a new, eco friendly R&D centre in St Priest, Lyon, France has been announced by Renault Trucks. The sustainable development, designed and constructed to the highest environmental standards is scheduled to open in the first half of 2021.

Part of an ambitious 5-year building programme launched by Renault Trucks and the Volvo Group to drive innovations, the new R&D centre will bring the company’s expertise under one roof; departments working together in a purpose-designed space to develop projects for Renault Trucks and other brands in the Group.

In order to create synergies, boost innovation, and ensure the success of the next Renault Trucks and Volvo Group product ranges, the new R&D centre will house more than 1,000 company experts.

From offices to open spaces and creative areas, the entire building has been designed to promote innovation and knowledge sharing. Following a completely new organisational approach, engineers and researchers will work alongside purchasing teams in the three-story building. This will facilitate collaboration between colleagues and teams, accelerating validation and realisation of development projects and innovations.

Renault Trucks