Pioneer’s Fresh New Commercial And Campervan Navigation Models For 2019

Pioneer UK continues constant evolution of its ever-prominent range of commercial and campervan specific head units in the -C range, with brand new units including the AVIC-Z620BT-C, AVIC-Z720DAB-C and the top of the line AVIC-Z820DAB-C. The unique demands placed upon professional drivers, as well as motorhome owners, make these units perfectly suited to the long hours and sustained mileage that both users generally tackle.

Highlighting a continual need for development of both software and hardware, this hot three-some of in car entertainment and navigation precision are here to make any journey that little bit more user-friendly when it comes to finding the best route, and they are particularly well suited to a host of professional drivers out there.

The AVIC players are right at the top of the Pioneer pile, featuring all of the latest NAV tech via a constantly updated HERE database, each unit is uniquely customisable for commercial and campervan owners, such optimisation making them ideal for a host of time-sensitive jobs where time really is money.

Key improvements with the -C range include the ability to program in vehicle height, weight, length and even any potentially dangerous or hazardous payloads. Route optimisation and way pointers also allow for seamless navigation between multiple drop offs, reducing overall journey time significantly when daily itineraries become hectic.

While faultless navigation is vital, don’t go thinking Pioneer have sacrificed on the entertainment quota of the device for one minute. Seamless Smartphone integration is catered for with music, Waze, Spotify and Bluetooth connectivity providing countless hours of backed up or streamed content while on the move. Movies too are catered when the unit is correctly wired in with DVD content, Smartphone mirroring for online movie content and any phone-based app reproduction on screen.

Both the AVIC-Z620BT-C and the AVIC-Z720DAB-C feature 6.2” WVGA screens and the range topping AVIC-Z820DAB-C comes with a whooping 7” screen to allow the European wide 45 country SAT NAV to guide you wherever you need to be. The AVIC-Z620BT-C model comes with Apple CarPlay while both the AVIC-Z720DAB-C and AVIC-Z820DAB-C are equipped with both CarPlay and Android Auto for completely seamless smartphone functionality, that enables access to an array of apps and content from a connected smartphone.

Dual camera inputs also allow any oversized vehicle drivers to benefit from both front and rear views on screen to ease the burden of negotiating those tight spots.

The famous Pioneer audiophile quality is also taken into consideration, as a 13-band graphic EQ, speaker time alignment and auto EQ can also be activated and customised across the range. Don’t let those ears or eyes long for gratification – superior audio, video and navigation performance is merely a Pioneer head unit away from every commercial vehicle or motorhome out there. Make your life on the road better, make it Pioneer.

It’s worth noting that the -C models are unique in their own right, there’s no chance to upgrade from the ‘conventional’ Pioneer equivalent for the everyday car market, so if you’re a commercial operator looking for the ideal combination of time saving, entertainment and route optimisation why look elsewhere