Motormax safety systems reduce Saint-Gobain vehicle incident rate by 34%

Leading vehicle safety solutions provider, Motormax, has released a brand-new video this week to mark their recent success working with Saint-Gobain and Bevan Group – one of the UK’s largest vehicle fleets and converters, respectively. Through collaboration, the triumvirate has significantly improved the safety of the Saint-Gobain fleet.

Improving Safety Standards

Leigh Whymark-Jones, Saint-Gobain Group Insurance & Risk Manager, UK & Ireland explains, “Currently we have 450 vehicles fitted with the Motormax system. Through working with Motormax, Saint-Gobain has seen a 34% reduction in incident frequency.” Whymark-Jones continues, “Working with Motormax we can develop this technology further to benefit both our drivers and members of the public. We’ve got consistency, reliability, and we’re confident that the relationship will flourish further.”

Innovative Safety Solutions

Daniel Bevan, General Manager at Bevan Group added, “One of the main reasons we selected Motormax was innovation. In an industry that’s constantly moving, they are too. Where you’ve got quite a large supply chain network in this industry, the consistency you get from Motormax is second to none. To say the project has been successful is an understatement. It’s worked incredibly well for Saint-Gobain and so much so, we’ve actually been able to roll it out to 90% of our other conversions.”

Bespoke End-To-End Service

Jonathan Haycock, Co-Founder and Director of Motormax commented, “Our passion is about delivering bespoke products to improve the quality and safety of a fleet of vehicles. Our end-to-end service means we can build product from PCB level upwards. We’re very proud of our longstanding relationship with Bevan and Saint-Gobain.”

Motormax safety systems installed;

A six-camera system; live, high-definition footage which can be downloaded at the touch of a button remotely from a PC or laptop, two side detection systems which are located along the nearside of the vehicle with a left turn alarm. Those products notify the driver and vulnerable road users that the vehicle is present, and it may be making a low-speed manoeuvre. Plus, a cycle sign that sits on the back of the vehicle which will alert people that the vehicle is present. The system will also health-check itself so if a camera or hard drive fails, with a notification sent to Motormax.

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