A Christmas message from Lincoln Farm Truckstop – you’re always welcome here!

Lincoln Farm Truckstop Christmas

Lincoln Farm Truckstop

As Christmas approaches, different people are in different situations.  Our friends at Lincoln Farm Truckstop appreciate this and welcome anyone through the door.  Raymond was kind enough to send us over a little message for all the people out there.  Remember the doors are always open!


This Christmas let’s open our eyes and our hearts to Jesus and let us love our neighbours as ourselves.

If only all the people in the world could do this there wouldn’t be any more wars; no more hatred or jealously, people saying I have more weapons than you. A few weeks ago, we honoured and remembered the first world war and all the people who gave their lives and the wars ever since. I would like to send my love and best wishes for Christmas to all the families who have lost a fallen hero, who’s dad, sons, husbands, sisters and brothers who never came home.

Not just in the first and second world wars but in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and everywhere there have been wars.

Lord give me strength to be a channel of your peace and where there is war let there be love.

Look at the one you love and show them all the love you can whilst you can as our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Love one another as I love you.”

God bless, Raymond.

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