Kuda cab coolers keep drivers cool

Kuda Automotive are the leading manufacturer, installer and distributor of commercial vehicle accessories and aerodynamics. Here at Kuda we sell a range of cab coolers and fans to enable the up-most comfort of the driver including Indel B products. Indel B are the leading company in mobile refrigeration and have been cooperating for years with the most important European and American truck builders designing for them exclusive truck coolers. We here at Kuda are very proud to be the UK’s importer, installer and distributor for the Indel B range of cab air conditioning units for trucks.

The newest generation of roof mounted truck cab coolers to Indel B’s range is the Oblo 1600, an air conditioning unit that will drop the ambient temperature in the vehicle by up to 15 degrees Celsius. The cooler is designed to work whilst the vehicle is running to provide additional cooling, perfect for keeping you cool on summer days. With its 1600 watts of cooling power this cooler is made to fit most trucks with its reengineered cooling system. Designed to provide maximum output and exceptionally low and efficient power consumption; we believe this cooler is miles ahead of the competition.

Next up we have the Indel B 12/24v rear mounted cab cooler which is perfect for vans, campers and motorhomes. This electric parking cooler grants the maximum coolness in the back of your cabin. This cooler is a battery powered electric air conditioning system which is almost aesthetically invisible as the condensing unit is placed on the back of the cabin. Just like the Oblo 1600, this cab cooler is designed to work both whilst the vehicle is running and also when parked up with the engine turned off. A great feature to have on a cab cooler, to keep you cool when on the go.

And finally, we have the Indel B cube, the world’s first portable cab air conditioner. The cube is the one ultra compact 24v air conditioner on the market and can be easily moved from one cab to another. No installation is required, just plug and play and you’re ready to go.

These cab coolers are available in both roof and rear cab wall mounting versions meaning they suit every make, model and body type of the truck. The units are fully type approved and fitting can be offered on site at our Ipswich headquarters or indeed nationwide.