Kuda Automotive have recently announced their latest partnership deal.

As part of it’s mission to bring Europe the worlds latest Truck Accessories, Kuda Automotive have recently announced their latest partnership deal. This time it comes from the USA, Kuda have teamed up with American Truck Technology to open a European distribution channel for it’s brand new range of Euro Spyder Wheel Trims for trucks.


The Euro Spyder trims are the first of their kind available in the UK and are available through Kuda’s established distribution network across Europe. American Truck Technology are well established in the USA and have been selling similar products for many years. These years of experience have allowed them to develop a product of the upmost quality, using only Commercial Grade Chrome plating, high impact, super strong plastic and the latest manufacturing technologies enables them to offer a 24 month warranty on all American Truck Technology products distributed across Europe.


Tim Vincent, Commercial Director at Kuda commented “It’s really exciting to offer a truly unique product, something that our customers can install to make their truck stand out from the rest. We are very proud to work with major brands from across the world and the guys from American Truck Technology are true professionals, know their stuff and have been great over the past 2 years of combined development to bring these trims to the European market”.


The Euro Spyder trims are available to pre-order from Kuda now and will be shipping to customers in the Autumn. If you are interested in selling the range here in the UK please get in touch with Kuda, who are actively looking for UK retailers.