Motormax designs and manufactures industry leading fleet safety solutions to prevent incidents and improve efficiency. See the latest in AI camera technology, Direct Vision Standard Progressive Safety System kits, Safetymax, a revolutionary range of audible and visual warning systems, sensors, DVR, and rapid Fit, our exclusive plug-and-play wiring looms.

Visit Motormax at this year’s CV Show to see our latest fleet safety solutions. Once again, we are situated next to Ford at the front of the hall, (stand number 5F30). We will be exhibiting our latest product ranges with live, interactive demonstrations throughout the show.

New for 2024 – Direct Vision Standard Progressive Safe System Kits

HGVs over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London that do not meet the required three-star rating will need to install a Progressive Safe System by 28 October 2024 to comply with the updated Direct Vision Standard. Failure to comply will result in a penalty charge of up to £550 per vehicle per day. Motormax offers products meeting UNECE 151 & 159 regulations guaranteeing 100% compliance for fleet operators.



Direct Vision Standard 2024 requires all vehicles to have a front sensor system that detects pedestrians or cyclists entering the blind spot area in front of the vehicle. Detection systems must not be activated by street furniture, or parked vehicles, must recognise vulnerable road users, and must activate to a range of 2m along the front of the vehicle. The requirements of error notifications and when to issue an information signal versus a warning signal when at rest and manoeuvring are specifically defined.



All vehicles must have a blind spot information system. The systems should only provide the information signal to the driver in response to the presence of a vulnerable road user (VRU) and not a car or a piece of roadside furniture (unless a collision with those items was imminent). The detection range must be 2m in height, 2.2m to the side, and 9m to the back. The system must be active at all vehicle speeds between 0 km/h and 30 km/h and able to issue information signals and warnings irrespective of the activation status of the direction indicators.


Camera systems fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots. This provides a visual alert of an approaching vulnerable road user and prevents collisions in the blind spot area.


Audio warnings must be fitted to all vehicles, including those with left-hand drive to ensure all vehicles have the ability to warn VRU of an intended manoeuvre.

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New for 2024 – OnSight

OnSight is our latest safety system designed specifically for heavy duty plant vehicles used in construction. Designed to assist drivers and protect workers. Four AI cameras create a 360 degree zone around the vehicle with an in-cab monitor showing the driver alternate camera views with specific warnings, i.e. “Pedestrian left”. The system includes four perimeter lights that project a safety zone around the vehicle.

If a pedestrian enters the predetermined zone, five things happen; 

  1. A red line is projected onto the floor showing safe and unsafe zone 
  2. The cab monitor shows the relevant camera view 
  3. The display shows where the pedestrian is stood 
  4. Triggers relevant spoken warnings i.e. “Pedestrian left” “Pedestrian front” 
  5. Triggers relevant external warning to pedestrian i.e. “Warning, vehicle in use, do not approach”

AI Technology – Driver Safety Monitor

Motormax provides a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions meticulously crafted to enhance fleet safety and efficiency. Through the adoption of AI systems, fleet operators can safeguard their teams, other road users, and pedestrians alike. Our cutting-edge Driver Safety Monitor harnesses the capabilities of AI to consistently observe and analyse driver behaviour, ensuring heightened levels of safety.

  • Detects fatigue, smoking, distraction, using a mobile phone, seat belt not engaged
  • AI powered solution sends timely alerts to drivers
  • Real-time events are sent via email to fleet operators
  • Download event data to generate driver training programmes

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