SHOWTIME! CV Show 2018

CV Show 24th - 26th April 2018

This year’s CV Show – takes place on 24, 25 and 26 April and is just around the corner. Get your FREE tickets here

Here’s a selection of what you can expect to see in the halls of the NEC



1: MAN

Expect to see the entire MAN UK range at the CV Show in 2018 – everything from the 3-tonne TGE Van through to the TGX flagship tractor. Having been absent for a while, the German manufacturer is determined to make a splash in Birmingham and there is plenty of news to be found. Firstly there have been upgrades to interiors of the TG range of trucks. There are a number of driver’s workspace enhancements including: a new gear selector switch, now located in the main instrument cluster; upgraded switchgear, now grouped together by function; a 4in colour information display, offering clearer vision; more cab floor space thanks to new park brake console and new cup holders that have been designed to hold a variety of difference diameter drinking vessels. There are also new SCR only engines from the D08 range – the 4.6-litre, 4-cylinder and 6.9-litre, 6-cylinder power units are found in the TGL and TGM range. They are quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient than the predecessor EGR/SCR units they replace. The engine range covers 160bhp to 320bhp and most power steps have increased power and torque. This new engine range also benefits from driving characterises deriving from a combination of the enhanced torque curves and updated TipMatic 6 and Tipmatic 12 transmissions. “The attraction of the CV Show for MAN is not just the number of visitors, but the quality of the visitors,” says Thomas Hemmerich, managing director, MAN Truck & Bus UK. “It offers us tremendous networking opportunities and allows us to both greet existing customers whilst at the same time meet and build relationships with new customers.” MAN Trucks


Visitors can expect an expanded portfolio of commercial vehicle tyres at Hankook’s stand at the CV Show. Products include the SmartFlex for regional haul and the SmartWork for on and off road – both of which are selected as original equipment for MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania trucks. Hankook will also be launching an allposition bus tyre for city traffic. Hankook remains a well-recognised and respected tyre choice for many UK based Blue Chip logistics companies characterised for most expedient, cost-effective and unbiased transportation solutions. The decision to fit Hankook tyres is the result of lengthy evaluations, which proved that Hankook tyres belong to the most attractive tyre fitment for many fleets with regard to tyre economics, reliability and ecofriendliness. Visitors to the stand are invited to play a ‘Strike-a-Light’ game where they can compete for a place on the leaderboard and ultimately the chance to win the daily top prize of a 4K Ultra HD 55” TV. Hankook driving emotion


The big news from ProVision at the CV Show 2018 will be an extension to the company’s CameraMatics platform. The upgrade comes in the form of a new browser and appbased ‘Command Centre’, as well as two other apps to help with tracking fleet risk compliance and management. ProVision’s CameraMatics approach is a key driver in helping fleet operators manage the risk and compliance associated with running a commercial vehicle fleet. The system combines previously separate technologies into a single solution. It enables fleet risk management, accident prevention and fleet compliance to be managed through a single web-based interface using vehicle data. Fleet operators are provided with instant access to their fleet’s status, anytime, anywhere through ProVision’s online portal. Video capability ensures that incidents are recorded and footage can be obtained of any incidents that occur whilst a vehicle is in use. The Command Centre makes retrieving video footage from a vehicle easy. A quick search for the day and time of an incident will display all clips itemised by event. With another click, video can be downloaded or viewed. The other two apps available are the Vehicle WalkAround App, which allows vehicle check data to be stored alongside key trip and event data, making specific details of a vehicle check carried out prior to an incident easy to recall and codify. ProVision’s Accident Reporting app allows the driver to log all critical information, such as taking photos and video of the scene, recording third-party witness and police information, and pinpointing the specific footage recorded by the in-vehicle cameras. Both apps will be available for iPhone and Android. Provision Experts in Cameramatics


Fleet industry asset management software system provider Jamma will be showcasing new functionality introduced to its smartphone MyVehicle App at the CV Show. Since unveiling ‘MyVehicle App’ at the 2017 show, Jaama customers with a combined total of more than 100,000 drivers have used the tool. New features to help commercial vehicle operators reduce downtime and ensure maximum compliance include: MyVehicle App retaining a historic record of vehicle defects highlighted by drivers when undertaking daily checks, the rectification date and other details including the name of the person signing the vehicle back on to the road; Drivers being able to take a photo of a critical defect and attach off-road status to the commercial vehicle via MyVehicle App. That in turn, via auto-triggering will create an urgent job alert in Jaama’s multi award winning web-based vehicle, driver and workshop management solution Key2; A facility that combines non-urgent vehicle defects notified by drivers via MyVehicle App into one job thus reducing vehicle downtimel; The ability to log via MyVehicle App nil vehicle defects. The additional function provides an audit trail of all vehicle checks irrespective of whether any defect was spotted. Jaama fleet, leasing and rental management software


Connected vehicle camera supplier to the fleet, road transport and insurance sectors, Intelligent Telematiccs, will launch a 3G multi-camera system at the CV Show 2018. The modular solution will integrate seamlessly with the company’s proven software platform, so commercial fleet operators can combine a range of internal and external camera options to gain complete visibility of what really happened in the event of a road collision. The connected multi-camera system will be highly-flexible, with automated and manual upload options that can be configured dependant on individual requirements and to minimise data usage. It will be suitable for up to four internal and external cameras and use a solid-state mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for optimum performance and reliability. Meanwhile, unique CANbus connectivity means it will be the first connected camera solution that can access accurate engine data such as MPG, RPM and odometer readings. Intelligent Telematics will also be sharing the stand with key partners to demonstrate how its connected camera solutions can be combined with complementary services to further reduce exposure to risk and better controls insurance costs. Sopp+Sopp and Plexus Law will be in attendance throughout the show to provide advice and guidance on the advantages of video monitoring, first notification of loss (FNOL) and proactive claims handling. Surecam


Video telematics company SmartWitness will use the CV Show to launch a lane changing warning and advanced collision avoidance system. SmartEye can provide drivers with clear audible and visual alerts when changing lanes and sends out collision warnings when other road users are getting dangerously close. The unit is a vital accessory to combat driver distraction and help improve driver behaviour. SmartEye uses artificial vision and machine learning to detect and classifying different objects on the road including other vehicles pedestrians, cyclists, lane markings and traffic signs. Taking information via a sensor mounted on the windscreen, the dash-mounted display shows current speed, close proximity of pedestrians and cyclists in front of the vehicle, reduced light conditions that requires the driver to turn on headlamps and notification of lane changing. It also indicates whether the vehicle in front is a safe distance away. Also on show will be the SmartWiness DDC100 (Driver Distraction Camera), which is being used to help improve road safety. The camera uses infrared imaging and artificial intelligence to detect if a driver is distracted, on the phone or if they are eating or drinking. In the case of a possible distraction, the driver is alerted and the system can also send a notification to the fleet manager. Smartwitness


A compliance solution will be shown by tachograph analysis software company Aquarius IT at the NEC. ClockWatcherelite, the company’s comprehensive software, allows an integrated approach to tachograph compliance with complementary ‘bolt-on’ modules. The platform offers improved integration to other applications such as payroll, telematics and tracking. Launched at this event last year, ClockWatcherelite has had some fantastic feedback from users and now with the statistical analysis of the earned recognition module, the team are pleased to announce that a number of major contracts have been won on the back of the service that it offers. It has been developed since then, with additions such as the Proof of Delivery module. This app allows a full audit trail from order to delivery, offering organisations a reduction in delivery to invoice time to minutes. Similarly, the recently integrated Time and Attendance module has become an invaluable feature of the software for many organisations, enabling employees to ‘clock-in’ and ‘clock-out’ via a variety of existing devices. Aquarius


Goodyear returns to the CV Show for the fifth consecutive year in 2018. At its interactive stand, the tyre company will demonstrate why leading fleets continue to choose their full product and services package including KMAX and FUELMAX products, Fleet First services and Proactive Solutions. Since its launch at the end of 2016, Proactive Solutions, the vehicle-to-fleet operations management system, has helped fleets reduce tyre costs by almost 25%. This reduction has been achieved through predictive technology, which offers a wide range of services, helping to prevent incidents and streamline fleet management through preventive maintenance, transport flow optimisation and driver training. At the CV Show, Goodyear will be highlighting the extensive benefits of Proactive Solutions through an experiential zone within their sta
which is dedicated to the services that come as part of the package. The company stand will also provide an opportunity to find out more about the KMAX and FUELMAX tyre ranges as well as retreads and van tyres, which have not previously been displayed at the CV Show. Goodyear


Vehicle weighing specialist Axtec will be at the CV Show promoting the fact it has won an approval from the National Measurement Office for its Series 5000 dynamic axle weighbridge. The new Class 0.2 approval recognises a 60% increase in the accuracy of 5000 installation – already the most accurate weighbridge of its type in the world – and provides operators with even greater peace-of-mind that their vehicles are correctly loaded. Indeed, many of the biggest names in the transport industry rely on Axtec to help them maximise the payload potential of their vehicles, without risk of overloading.
The weighbridge can check all six axles of a tractor/trailer combination, plus gross vehicle weights, in just 40 seconds. Even with its previous Class 0.5 approval rating, the Series 5000 was the most accurate dynamic weighbridge on the market, permitting its use as a public weighbridge. Axtec is the sole supplier of axle weighbridges and associated calibration, certification, survey and maintenance services to DVSA, which uses its systems nationally for law enforcement. Aztec your solution to axle weight problems


Transport management software provider Mandata will be showcasing its new cloud and subscription-based transport management system along with other innovations at the CV Show in April. The Mandata TMS Go! will enable smaller hauliers to manage collections and delivery processes from ‘order-to-invoice’ with a single paper-less system. At a monthly user price of £69 per user for a two-user system, it’s a simple system offering easier management of workloads and, when appropriate, a cost-effective technology to migrate to Mandata’s larger TMS.
Also on the company’s stand will be the recently launched Manifest App. This is an advanced digital POD solution, enabling the driver to receive work instructions and see at a glance, via a suitable smartphone device, the sequence of jobs and manifest details, which can be updated with changes throughout the day. Tracy Welford, head of marketing at Mandata, said the CV Show provides an ideal platform to show case advanced solutions for the transport and logistics sector. “New added value technologies such as Mandata TMS Go! enable transport and road haulage operators to make the leap from paper-based systems to meet the ever-changing needs of their own customers. They play a pivotal role in helping them improve services and secure strategic opportunities that offer a good operational fit.” Mandata software that delivers

11: GITI

The Giti GTL925 high cube trailer pattern (445/45R19.5) will make its event debut at CV Show 2018, where the global manufacturer will also unveil an exclusive tyre for a whole new application. The GTL925 allows high cube trailer fleets to maximise a vehicle’s inside loading volume of up to three meters height while still respecting the total vehicle height of four meters allowed across Europe. Also available in 435/50R19.5, both tyres carry a load index of 160 and speed index J and are M&S marked to indicate superior all-season traction and braking properties. A seven-rib tread pattern ensures regular wear while optimised rolling resistance achieves a B label rating confirming good fuel economy. Giti