Bridgestone celebrating major coup after Stobart Energy agreement

Bridgestone has underlined its environmental credentials and attention to detail after entering into a commercial fleet partnership with Stobart Energy for the first time, it was revealed.

Stobart Energy is the UK’s number one supplier of biomass fuel, with long-term contracts in place to supply nearly two million tonnes of fuel to Energy Recovery Facilities, generating renewable energy equivalent to the annual domestic electricity needs of 2% of the UK population.

The fleet will be running exclusively on the Bridgestone Duravis R002, which is designed to lower operational costs by significantly reducing cost per kilometre through outstanding wear performance and optimised fuel efficiency. Designed for the versatility segment, the Duravis R002 is available to all types of on-road fleet operation and deliver outstanding wet grip.

But it was Bridgestone’s consultative approach which resonated with Stobart Energy, allied with a close attention to detail and understanding of the fleet’s unique requirements.

Simon Cartwright, Stobart Energy’s Director of Logistics, said: “We were highly impressed by the Bridgestone team, right back when we were first introduced in May 2020.

“We were made to feel extremely valued by Bridgestone, who spent a great deal of time understanding what we wanted. No stone was left unturned in this regard and we struck up a good rapport immediately.

“We were well aware of the quality and performance benefits associated with Bridgestone’s tyres, but the commercial agility shown during the tender process as a whole – from an operational perspective – was something that really resonated.

“The Bridgestone Partner network impressed us too, as we knew we’d be dealing with independent tyre dealers who are passionate in providing a memorable service, precisely because they are running their own businesses. This model really appealed to us.”

An example of Bridgestone’s willingness to adapt to meet the bespoke needs of the Stobart Energy fleet could be seen in its recommendation and alteration of its tyre specification for the fleet’s operation in Scotland, where the roads and weather patterns are typically more demanding than other areas of the UK.

Simon added: “We work from 14 locations from the north of Scotland to the south of Wales and south east of England. Bridgestone didn’t come to us with a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but a bottom up approach, having understood the unique demands of our fleet to begin with.”

Simon said the environmental credentials of the Duravis R002 were key factors when deciding to partner with Bridgestone.

“Being so closely aligned with renewable energy means that we have an absolute obligation to manage our carbon footprint responsibly and continually improve in this area. This manifests itself in a number of areas, one of which being the rubber on our wheels. Bridgestone’s products impressed us in this regard.”

Bridgestone’s UK Fleet Sales Manager Ian Davis said that there was a number of synergies between both businesses, which managed to shine through despite talks taking place over online meetings.

“It is a huge coup to be able to work with Stobart Energy, who share our passion in developing solutions that benefit the community and environmental as a whole.

“We were keen to demonstrate a consultative approach from the word go. There are a lot of bespoke factors that work together to comprise a fleet package and it was crucial that we worked up with a solution around these factors, explaining every aspect clearly as talks progressed.

“From the moment we met Stobart Energy, we felt we were dealing with a company we could really relate to on a cultural level, as well as a professional one. Communication has been brilliant from day one and we are extremely excited to work with the Stobart Energy team and support them on a daily basis with our products and services.”

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