Another Set of Eyes (ANET) combines machine learning, gamification, traditional workshop methods and 360-degree videos in one interactive road user training platform.

The interactive, iOS-based smartphone app is simple, elegant, and straightforward. It can be set up in only five minutes, with no expensive equipment needed. All you need is an iOS smartphone and a virtual reality headset and you are ready to go.

ANET360 simplifies the entire driver training process, from registration to surveying people to analysing results. ANET360’s analytics tools allows you to collect more data on drivers and track more metrics to get an overview of performance, saving you time and money.

ANET360 can help you do:

  • Objectively measure trainer performance
  • Create exciting new courses
  • Learn new skills, and improve existing ones
  • Significantly reduce development cost
  • Improve training ROI
  • Unique insights and business impact
Telephone: +44 7907482652